Kjelstrom & Associates, Inc is an engineering consulting firm. We specialize in industrial design, specifically in the construction materials industry (e.g. aggregates, ready mix concrete, and asphalt concrete) and food processing.   


Kjelstrom & Associates was started in 1995 by Kit Kjelstrom.  Kit has worked in the construction materials industry for 33 years: allowing him to understand the operations and needs of the industry.  The company was incorporated in 2008 when Shaun Kjelstrom joined the company. 

Kjelstrom & Associates, Inc helps construction materials companies from "start to finish" on all aspects necessary to operate.  “Start to finish” means that we assist in obtaining use and operational permits (start), we design process flow and engineer the structures, we project manage the construction of these facilities, and we help reclaim/revegetate the disturbed land (finish).  Some of the "start to finish" projects we have completed have included sand and gravel mines, ready mix concrete plants, and asphalt concrete plants. 
We specialize in industrial design, including site layouts, civil design, structural design, permits (e.g. Use permits, building permits), compliance documents (e.g. SWPPP, SPCC, etc.), and many other processes that require a registered engineer's oversight. 
Shaun Kjelstrom is licensed in California, Washington, Oregon, and Texas.  Kit Kjelstrom is licensed in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Yukon, and Manitoba. 
Please, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and the ways that we can help achieve your goals. 

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